9/30 made page



hooray my page is finally done !
got some ramune from a smoke shop today. it was nautro themed. now i have sauske and nauruto ramune bottles. theyre besties. i havent seen nautro lol


ughhh my birthday is tomorrow. anothe year old. yippee.
i genuinely never thought id live past sixteen but here we are three years later


fuckk i need to redo my home page and finish my loveblog and make a layouts page >_< im a busy bee!! (< stressed)


my grandma was cleaning her basement the other day and she threw away the most beautiful vintage black and white/color tv sets like one of the big chunky ones. she said it was the first tv she ever bought. and now its sitting in the dump. i cant stop thinking about it


oh boy long update. in chronological order: my bee eff and i went to the nature reserve recently :3 i bought some minnows that the ichthyology club was selling for valentines day. you could buy a fish and name it after a lover and they would live in the tank at the welcome center so i bought two fish and named them bren and coda <>< we went to go see them in the tank and i bought a little butterfly keychain for my bag :3 second: we also went hiking in the forest and found a cool little ditch :33 we laid down in it for like 30 minutes. third: i had an hrt consult with a doctor in the student health service she was really nice. i can start T as soon as my next visit and the prices are hella cheap. fourth: midterms have been kicking my ass. on tuesday i have a final for my java class ON PAPER. it was hell. i got an 88. then i had a psych final which i totally bombed. and now i have to do another final for my html class. on top of that i had to do a coding assessment for a job offer and FUCK THAT. WHAT THE HELL IS SQL. fifth? i had a job interview for a campus job today too. i think it went well the person was really nice. i hope i get the job its a graphic design position and it sounds really fun. ok. i think im done ...... 🐶