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Machine Girl - ......Because I'm Young Arrogant And Hate
Everything You Stand For
rating: 4/5
favorite song:うずまき

Johnny Cash - Greatest Hits Volume 1
rating: 5/5
favorite song: Ring of Fire

The Doors - Greatest Hits
rating: 4/5
favorite song: Riders on the Storm

Have A Nice Life - Deathconsciousness
rating: 10/5
favorite song: Bloodhail
this is my favorite album ever

Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine
rating: 4/5
favorite song: Sin

Joe Jackson - Night And Day
rating: 4/5
favorite song: Steppin' Out
i first heard this song driving on lakeshore to my friends house
on the north side. that was a nice day

KMFDM - Angst
rating: 4/5
favorite song: A Drug Against War

Nine Inch Nails - Broken
rating: 3.5/5
favorite song: Wish

Black Midi - Hellfire
rating: 4.5/5
favorite song: Sugar/Tzu

Huey Lewis And The News - Fore!
rating: 3/5
favorite song: Doing It All For My Baby
i got this as a joke

The Doors - Morrison Hotel
rating: 4/5
favorite song: Roadhouse Blues

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9.14.19the garden*
9.15.19frank iero*
9.16.19dallon weeks*
11.17.21the garden
11.18.22machine girl
11.18.22the garden