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my name is coda and im the webmaster warning for autoplay and reclaimed use of slurs on my about page

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7/17/23 created site

7/20/23 started on abt pg
-added resource pg

7/25/23 finished abt pg

7/24/23 started media pg

7/25/23 made a button!
-started the dog island pg

8/4/23 finished most of the music pg
-missed some entries oops

8/14/23 made beanie page

8/24/23 finished book pg

8/23/23 new index layout

8/27/23 fixed minor details

9/30/23 finished blog pg

10/3/23 halloween layout!

10/17/23 new not found pg

10/19/23 books slightly updated

11/5/23 back to normal layout

11/9/23 newish home pg hehe

11/27/23 newish home pg AGAIN

12/01/23 winter layout!

1/03/24 back to normal

1/05/24 made layout pg

1/08/24 CYBERDEMON 2.0 !!

1/23/24 minor updates

2/23/24 fuck you discord image hosting

4/17/24 new webring

to do!

  • loveblog page
  • make home page cuter
  • more pages ??
  • finish the dog pg
  • update updates